Had a bit of fun while I was back in Rome. My friends and I had a private tour of the Roman Forum after hours, which led to some great photo opportunities. We were only there for two days, so the first night we skated across the city and tried to hit every major architectural highlight (quite a tall order for Rome). Also got attacked by an angry, drunk, briefcase-wielding, Italian who wouldn’t stop shouting at us. No idea why, but it lead to an interesting twist in the night. It wasn’t much more than a hiccup and we proceeded to go check out the grandeur St. Peter’s.

It was crazy being there roughly ten years ago. Crazier still, being back there with two friends from Architecture school, neither of whom I knew upon my first visit. The short, but packed stay was refreshing to say the least. There’s definitely a quiet excitement and some big expectations for the next time I end up over there.